Instagram Posting Times: How to know when to post


Facebook-owned mobile photography and videography sharing platform, Instagram, is one of the fastest growing social platforms with 600 million total users and 300 million daily active users as of 2016  [Source: Social Media Today].

When are people using Instagram?

Due to Instagram being a mobile-only sharing platform, users are accessing their accounts from everywhere and at any time. This “on-the-go” platform thereby receives consistent activity and engagement throughout the week.

Peak User Times on Instagram

According to HubSpot’s “The Best Times to Post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Other Social Media Sites” article, the following days of week and times of day are when most users are on the Instagram platform.

  • Anytime except 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. (Monday – Thursday)
  • Slightly higher engagement during off-work hours

Additionally, according to TrackMaven, there are also “slight spikes of engagement on Mondays and Thursdays and a slight dip on Sundays.” [Source: Hubspot]

For retail specifically, according to this 2019 article from AdEspresso, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays at 12 p.m. are optimal. 

The one caveat to posting on Instagram is that you cannot schedule or automate your content. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, where you can pre-curate your posts and use various tools to schedule or automate the posts, Instagram requires you to log in at the time you would like your content to go live in the feed. Depending on your daily schedule, this may impact or limit your ability to try out various posting times.

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