How to Share From the Mobile App to Instagram

So you've sent some Instagram shares to the Promoboxx App! Now what? Time to share these posts to Instagram.

1. Select one of the shares in your "Ready to Post" section by clicking "Preview & Share"

2. To send the share and brand suggested message to Instagram, select "Copy Caption & Open Instagram" below

3. Once the Instagram App opens, select if you would like to share on your Story or Feed. For this example, we chose Feed!

4. Next, you will select the saved asset from your photo library and hit "next" in the top right-hand corner. This is also where you have the ability to zoom in or out on images to resize

5. Once your asset is selected, add the effects and filters of your choice. This step is optional! To keep the asset in its original form, simply hit "Next" to move forward. 

6. Now it's time to paste the brand suggested message! To do this, tap and hold in the text field next to your thumbnail and then click on the "Paste" action that appears.

7. Once your caption is added, you have the ability to customize as much as you'd like! Select "OK" in the top right-hand corner to save your caption and review the post before sharing.

8. After reviewing your share, select "Share" in the top right-hand corner to post!

9.  Congrats! You've successfully shared a post to Instagram using the Promoboxx Mobile App.

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