How to Send an Instagram Share to the Mobile App

Looking to share to Instagram via Promoboxx? Check out how to send Instagram Shares to the Promoboxx App below:

1. Please go to and log into your Promoboxx account

2. Once logged in, select a campaign with Instagram shares available

3. Preview & Share on the image/video of your choice

4. Select "Send to Promoboxx App" on the right-hand side of your image. 

Great work! You've successfully sent an Instagram share to the Promoboxx App. Check out our tutorial on How to Share from Promoboxx App to Instagram for the next steps.  

Want to add more shares to the Promoboxx App?

1. Select "View Your Campaigns" on the app to open Promoboxx in your Mobile Web Browser & repeat the steps above

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