Choosing your own link destination

With this feature, you will have the ability to customize the destination of your link when sharing a post. (Note: The brand has the option to decide if link customization is available for the post). Consumers will have a more seamless shopping experience by being directed to a page that is most relevant to the post they clicked (e.g. e-commerce page or a dedicated brand section of retailer website), increasing their likelihood to convert to a purchase. Follow the steps below to customize your link share.

  1. Log in to Promoboxx
  2. From the Content tab, pick a campaign, click Preview and Share of the Facebook post of your choice and add a message. 
  3. The current link destination will appear underneath the brand suggested copy, as below. If applicable, you can choose to leave this link as-is or change it to the link destination of your choice.

  4. That's it! Don't forget, your main website lives in the Business Info section of your account. You do not need to change this in order to change the link destination on a post by post basis. 

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