Navigating the Promoboxx Dashboard

Logging into Promoboxx for the first time can be a bit overwhelming as there are so many great features! Below is a breakdown of each tab in the left-hand navigation bar on your account.

  1. Campaign Content Tab: The campaign content tab is home to all of the campaigns that your brand(s) have created. Each campaign may have multiple posts available for sharing. View all available posts by clicking 'View Campaign".
  2. Local Ads Tab: View organic posts that you have shared in the past that are eligible to have funds added to them. You can also see any ads that are currently running, have run in the past, or that have been canceled.
  3. Schedule Tab: After scheduling content from the "Content" tab, head to the "Schedule" tab to see your current scheduled shares as well as past shares. If a post has not yet gone live, you have the ability to edit the post, including the text, time and date of posting. 
  4. Reporting Tab: The reporting tab will house metrics for each of your past shares, including Views (how many have viewed the post), Actions (number of likes, comments, and shares) and Link Clicks (how many people physically clicked the post and were taken to your website/co-branded landing page). 
  5. Customers Tab: In the case that you shared from a campaign that included a co-branded landing page, customers viewing this page have the opportunity to opt-in to your mailing list, or fill out an interest form, depending on how the brand has created the landing page. When a potential customer fills out this page, you will receive an email notification. You can find the new lead in the "Customers" tab. Additionally, when an email template is included in a campaign, you can upload an email list directly within the Customers tab and send the email template directly to that list from the campaign. 
  6. Business Info Tab: This is a very important tab! When logging in for the first time, go here first! You will see four tabs along the top. Each one is described below:
    1. Business Info: This tab houses all of the important information about your business. We use this information in posts that your customers can see online, so be sure to double check that all information is listed correctly.
    2. Locations: Your business address should be listed here. If you have more than one business location be sure to list them here. 
    3. Social Accounts: In order to share, you will first need to connect a Facebook and/or Twitter business page. To do so, head to the Social Accounts tab and click Add New Page/Account.
    4. Account Users: It's best to provide multiple people with access to Promoboxx to ensure consistent sharing. The users listed in this tab have permission to access or have a pending request to access the account. You can invite new users and respond to pending requests here.
  7. DownloadablesThe Downloadables feature in Promoboxx enables you to market your business in more ways than ever before by providing a simple and organized library of professional photos, videos, and other approved media, imported by your brand(s). 
  8. Refer A Brand Tab: This tab allows you to refer to us any brand that you would love to see get on board with Promoboxx. 
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