What are Local Ads Credits?

This feature may or may not be available to you. Contact Promoboxx Support at support@promoboxx.com or (800) 380-7502 ext. 1 to find out more. Please reference this article for more information about Local Ads and the opportunity to schedule a Local Ads Webinar.

Local ads credits are a streamlined and easy way to get sponsored advertising dollars from the brands that you carry. No approval process or reimbursement necessary. Just high quality, brand-approved ads for your store. Available Local Ads credits will be denoted in the top right-hand corner of your dashboard, next to the credit card icon. 

To run an ad using Local Ads Credits awarded to you by a brand, use the following steps:

  1. Log in to your Promoboxx dashboard
  2. Preview the available campaigns and then share a post to your Facebook business page
  3. Once you have shared, navigate to the Local Ads tab within the campaign to 1. Preview your ad, 2. Confirm or adjust your geographic targeting and 3. Select your funding.
  4. In step three, you will see a message telling you You Have X Amount Available In Local Ads Credits To Spend. You can choose to fund any amount on a post, up to the dollar amount listed. Feel free to use these credits across multiple campaigns and posts. Once you have determined the amount you'd like to fund, click Continue To Checkout.
  5. Once you've clicked Continue To Checkout, you'll be taken to a checkout screen where you can see the breakdown of your spend. In the case that you have chosen to spend more than the amount you have in credits, this screen will show you what balance will need to be paid via a credit card. To finish the process, click RUN ADS

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