Why use Promoboxx for Local Ads?

This feature may or may not be available to you. Contact Promoboxx Support at support@promoboxx.com or (800) 380-7502 ext. 1 to find out more. Please reference this article for more information about Local Ads and the opportunity to schedule a Local Ads Webinar.

We understand that you have options when it comes to running advertisements online. So why use Promoboxx over the other guys?

  • Local Ads on Promoboxx saves you time
    • Follow the same quick and easy sharing process with just one extra step
    • Choose to post and run ads simultaneously OR add funds to a scheduled post
    • Our live support team is available to answer any Local Ads questions or concerns
  • Share and fund with ease using a simplified process
    • The Promoboxx Local Ads process removes the complexity and necessary knowledge to create and launch Facebook ads
    • Ad creative is pre-formatted, high-quality, optimized and ready to go
  • Promoboxx automatically optimizes ads
    • Ads are geotargeted to your business location(s) – reaching the potential customers most likely to come in-store
    • Ad placements reach users where they spend time most – on mobile!
  • Utilizes brand market research
    • If a brand adds custom targeting, your business automatically benefits from the brand’s industry knowledge and extensive consumer research
  • Potential for co-op eligibility, brand funds, and/or local ads credits 
    • Some brands have integrated their co-op program into the Promoboxx platform, allowing retailers to use reimbursable dollars to run ads. Before running an ad, please be sure to check with Promoboxx Support to verify that your brands participate in co-op programs on the platform. 
    • Some brands will put brand funds into a specific campaign for retailers to use to run an ad on one of the posts in that campaign- free ad dollars!
    • Some brands will put funds into a retailer's Promoboxx account to use on any available campaign/post
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