Filtering Brand Campaigns on Promoboxx

When looking for specific content, or content for a specific channel (such as Facebook or Twitter), use the filter feature on Promoboxx to narrow your search. 

Follow the steps below to filter campaigns:

1.  Login to Promoboxx

2. Navigate to the Content tab on the left-hand side of your Dashboard

3. Above the Content tab, toggle to a specific brand or choose "All Brands" if you have access to more than one

4. You will now see any available campaigns from the brand(s) and three segment options

5. The "Show" drop-down allows you to filter down to New, Current or Dismissed campaigns

- New are campaigns that you have not shared yet

- Current are campaigns that you already shared from

- Dismissed are campaigns that you  have not shared and you have opted to "hide" from your dashboard 

6. The "Filter by" drop-down allows you to search for campaigns based on their available share channels, including:

*Please note, some types content may not be available for all brand(s)*







-Web Banner

7. If you're looking for a type of campaign to share, whether it be a holiday, inspirational, or educational campaign, you can search via a tag to the right of the "Show" filter:

8. If you know the name of a specific campaign that you are looking for, you can also search by keyword using the search bar at the top right of your dashboard

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