Promoting on Instagram (Android Users)

To promote your brand campaigns on Instagram, please follow the steps below.

In order to promote your brand campaigns on Instagram, you will first need to download the Promoboxx mobile app. Due to the fact that Instagram does not allow third parties to integrate with their API, promoting content on Instagram can only be done via a mobile phone, as opposed to desktop.

Note: Please make sure you are logged into your business' Instagram account on your phone before continuing the following steps.

After downloading the Promoboxx app, follow the steps below to promote your content on Instagram.

1. Open the Promoboxx app & login with your email and password:

2. Choose the campaign you want to share:

3. Choose the option you would like to share by clicking Preview and Share and then click Share on Instagram:

5. The suggested text will automatically be copied to your clipboard upon clicking "Share to: Instagram"

6. Crop and edit the image to your liking and then hit “Next”

8. On this screen, paste the suggested text from Promoboxx or customize your own. In this section, you may also tag Instagram users, add hashtags and toggle on to share on other channels. When finished, select “Share”.

Hooray! You have now successfully posted your content to Instagram.

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