Hearing Healthcare Professional Leads

If you are a Hearing Healthcare Professional you can turn your Promoboxx leads into new appointments and ultimately new customers!

Audiology practice management begins with an efficient and effective appointment booking system. Promoboxx allows you to generate leads from engaging social content for the purpose of scheduling appointments.

For a lead generation campaign on Promoboxx, consumers will be prompted to enter in their contact information. 

Once a consumer clicks 'Make an appointment' you will have just gained a new lead.  So what happens next? Follow up with your leads and schedule an appointment by following these simple steps. 

  1. Where Can I Find My Leads? 
    You will receive an email from Promoboxx with the subject line "Congratulations, You Have a New Lead!"

  2. View Leads
    Click View Leads to jump directly to the list of leads from this campaign. You can also view your leads at any time by clicking on the Customers tab on the left side of your screen. Then select From Campaigns to view your leads by campaign.

  3. Contact Your Leads and Book Appointments 
    Your leads will have entered in all of the necessary information for you to reach out and schedule an appointment right away. Contact them via phone or email. You can also download your leads list to add to your clinic's appointment booking system.

    Please contact support@promoboxx.com for any questions you may have. 

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