How can I fix a Facebook share fail?

Your post may have failed if your account is unauthenticated, most commonly due to a change in your Facebook password. To fix, please follow the directions below:

  1. Login to Promoboxx
  2. Click Business Info on the left-hand menu

3. Click Social Accounts and click Open Permissions Manager.

Follow the prompts within the permissions manager. Depending on the reason behind your share fail, your permissions manager may ask you to connect your Facebook page, or simply fix your connection. Click "Fix It" if given the option, but if asked to reconnect your Facebook page, click "Connect Facebook Account":

A proper Facebook connection will look like this:

If you see a red x next to "Can post directly to your Facebook page", Click Here to learn how to fix

If you see a red x next to "Can run Ads on Facebook", Click Here to learn how to fix

If you see a red x next to "Can POST directly to Instagram", Click Here to learn how to fix

If you're still having trouble connecting your Facebook to Promoboxx, email us at, and we will provide support to you directly!

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