Local Ad Targeting FAQ

What is targeting?

Targeting allows you to show your content to a specific audience based on customer attributes like location, demographics, interests, and behaviors.

Why is targeting important?

Targeting is important because it allows you to identify and target a relevant audience that is most likely to want or need the product(s) showcased in your content.

What targeting can I edit on Promoboxx?

You have the opportunity to edit the location targeting for your ads. By default, we'll automatically target your business location(s) as listed in your Business Information on Promoboxx. If you wish to, you can expand your targeting to locations outside of your business where competitors or large groups of customers may be located by adding additional locations during step 2 of placing the ad.

Note: Location targeting is done by zip code – therefore, if you decide to include more location targets, please make sure they are located in a different zip code than those locations already listed.

Who sets the targeting for my ads?

Brands set the targeting attributes for your ads based on market research of consumers most likely to purchase the product(s) showcased in your ad. You are able to preview these targeting attributes within step 2 of placing the ad.

Need a demo? Schedule a time here: TalkPromoboxx.com or reach out via support@promoboxx.com or (800) 380-7502 ext. 1.

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