How to fix your Facebook authentication

In order to post content to your business’ Facebook page using Promoboxx, you must be authenticated with Facebook.

Your Facebook connection may become unauthenticated, most likely due to a recent change to your Facebook password.  To fix follow the directions below:

How to fix your Facebook Authentication:

  1. Login to your Promoboxx account here: Login
  2. Click on the person icon in the top right-hand corner of the main dashboard and go to User Profile (It's the icon on the right of the bell icon)
  3. Click on the Facebook Settings tab then Manage Facebook Connection
  4. Press "authorize Facebook" or if a profile is already there "authorize a different Facebook profile" to authorize your admin access and enable all permissions to ensure that posts and ads run successfully
    1. If your Facebook page is not connected already, please connect it under "Add a business page"
  5. Press close in the permissions pop-up window and refresh your webpage
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