Using Suggested Copy for Sharing on Facebook

Want to customize your Facebook posts with a message, but not sure what to write? No worries! The suggested copy/user-generated content (UGC) feature can help with that.

Facebook Newsfeed Change:

Facebook's Newsfeed algorithm has changed to favor business page shares that include "message content" or User Generated Content (UGC). Message content is equivalent to adding your own share text to a Facebook post. On Promoboxx, you can add message content to your Facebook post by including text within the "Add a Message" section.

How Suggested Copy/UGC Can Help:

To produce a more local, authentic social post, you should always include message content to be favored higher in the Facebook Newsfeed. To help you effectively and easily promote brand content on Facebook, brands provide Suggestion options or message content on Promoboxx for you to select and use.

How to Use Suggested Copy/UGC:

When sharing and scheduling your brand's Facebook content, if you do not have message content in mind for your share, you can utilize Suggested Copy by:

  1. Selecting Preview & Share below the Facebook post of your choice

  2. Clicking PREV and NEXT to view the options and then clicking USE

  3. Customizing the suggested text with your local voice or sharing out the post directly using the Share on Facebook button

Note: If you have Facebook Automation enabled, Promoboxx will randomly select and share a Suggested Copy option for your post.

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