Promoting on your Website

Some campaigns may include website marketing material. If so, use the steps below to add a professionally designed web banner to your business' website.

A web banner is connected to a campaign and will link to your co-branded campaign landing page!

  1. You can preview and access web banner content by going to the Website tab from within a campaign. Note: not all campaigns will have website marketing material.
  2. Here you will be able to view the various web banner sizes available. Select the appropriate size for your website and click Preview and Install.
  3. A pop-up will appear with the HTML for your website banner. Click Copy Code and paste the HTML code wherever you want on your website. The banner will appear on the page and when clicked, will direct the viewer to your co-branded campaign landing page.

Don’t manage your website? Not to worry! You can email the website banner code to your website provider and they should be able to add it quite easily.

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