How do I edit my business information?

Moving your store? Changing management? Got a new Facebook page? Find out how to manage your business settings below. 

Where can I find my Business Settings?

To access and change all of your business information in Promoboxx, Login to Promoboxx and then click Business Info on the left menu bar. 

In this section of the platform, you can...

  • Update your business information: name, website, phone number and logo
  • Add/edit locations
  • Add, delete and turn automation (auto-share) on or off for your Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Add or request to remove users from the account 

**Please Note: Some brands may require you to contact them before changing your business information in Promoboxx. If you are having trouble updating your information, this may be the case for your brand(s). Please contact our Support Team to learn more. 

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