Scheduling Content on Promoboxx

The Share Schedule feature is helpful if you would like your social content to be promoted at a later time. Learn the basics below!  

What is share scheduling?

Be smart about your Promoboxx marketing! Share scheduling allows you to tell Promoboxx exactly when you would like a post to be shared. Rather than logging in every time you want to share content, use the share scheduling feature to plan multiple posts ahead of time!

Where can I view all my schedule posts?

To view your scheduled posts, go to the Schedule tab on the left-hand side of your Dashboard. 

What does scheduling NOT do?

Although you are able to schedule Promoboxx social media promotion channels such as Facebook and Twitter, you are not able to schedule other campaign tools such as Consumer Email, Website Banners, and Downloadables. We recommend logging into your account to make use of these other channels, as well as to access reporting, even if you have utilized scheduling.

Get help with scheduling content in our  Promoboxx Support Center.

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