How can I manage my email notifications?

Below is a list of the emails notifications you could receive from Promoboxx:

  • Campaign share reminders when new share content is available for a campaign
  • Weekly reminders about new and existing content
  • For accounts with automation, a weekly summary of successful auto shares
  • Facebook and/or Twitter failure notification when scheduled or auto shares have failed in the past 24 hours
  • Receipt for a Local Ads purchase

Want to edit which of these emails you receive from Promoboxx?

  1. Login to Promoboxx
  2. On the main Promoboxx dashboard, click on the person icon in the right-hand corner and then click User Profile
  3. Click on the Notifications tab 
  4. Check and/or uncheck the email notifications you want to receive 
    1. **Please Note** If you fund an ad through Promoboxx and would like to receive the receipt, you must have the final option, "Send me a receipt when I spend funds on Local Ads", checked off. 
  5. Click Save

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