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What is the "Customers" tab?

View and edit customer lists generated from campaigns, and lists that you’ve imported.

Promoboxx allows you to send a pre-designed email template to your consumer email list. These email templates will be provided on a campaign by campaign basis.

Two versions of a consumer list

  1. Lead-generation lists:
    These email lists originate from lead-generation brand campaigns, such as sweepstakes or giveaways. You can generate more leads by sharing the campaign regularly and across all the available promotion channels. You will only see a list like this under your Consumers tab if you previously participated in a lead-generation campaign and earned leads through Promoboxx.
  2. Your uploaded lists:
    These are email lists that your business owns and has uploaded to Promoboxx for the purpose of emailing brand campaigns. Brands do NOT have access to these contacts.

Two ways to upload list:

  • Enter email addresses
  • Upload a CSV file from excel. Make sure the spreadsheet includes a column with a header named Email.
  • If you have trouble formatting your CSV, please follow the solutions in Why won't my email list upload?
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