What Are Brand-Sponsored Local Ad Funds?

This feature may or may not be available to you. Contact Promoboxx Support at support@promoboxx.com or (800) 380-7502 ext. 1 to find out more. Please reference this article for more information about Local Ads and the opportunity to schedule a Local Ads Webinar.

Local Ads allow you to extend beyond your existing customers and access a targeted demographic audience by strategically adding funds to a specific post within a brand campaign. Local Ad channels vary between campaigns, with options including Facebook, Instagram and Mobile App Advertising.

Certain brand campaigns may feature Brand-Sponsored Local Ads Funds, where the brand is providing you with free digital advertising funds. You can earn Funds by participating in the  campaign (i.e.  sharing a post from the campaign on Facebook). Once you have earned the funds you can select a Facebook post from the campaign. These Local Ads are sponsored 100% by the brand and are a valuable opportunity to engage with new customers at no cost to you!

  1. A campaign that has Brand-Sponsored Local Ads will be highlighted in green on your dashboard. 

  2. Confirm that your business information is updated. Promoboxx uses these details to optimize accurate demographic targeting for the Local Ads that you run.
  3.  Continue to click through the campaign to learn about the action(s) that will earn your Local Ads Funds from the brand.
     In addition, you always have the opportunity to add funds from your own marketing budget to your Local Ads. 

  4. Once you have shared on Facebook. Click on View Preview My Free Ads within your Facebook share confirmation. And this will take you to the Local Ads tab in the campaign. 

  5. Once on the Local Ads tab, you can see in the upper right-hand corner to see that you have earned all the available funds from the brand. Then you can preview of the ad and customize with additional locations. For more information on how to preview and select your ad view this article, Choosing and Previewing your Facebook AdOnce these steps are completed, click Run My Local Ads to run the free advertising. Note: you do not need to enter your credit card information.  

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