How to Establish a Presence on Social Media

Why is Social Media Important?

Your customers are online throughout the day checking their news feed and browsing the internet. This means the chances of you reaching your target audience online has increased significantly. Three out of five small businesses say they have gained customers by using social media (Marketing TechBlog). People love to share and spread content they are interested in and/or inspired by. When making a purchase, 46% of web users use social media to help make their decision (Marketing TechBlog). You need to be where your customers are! If you aren't online, you can bet your competitors are!

Social media pages, like Facebook or Twitter, create a direct line of communication with your existing and future clients. This open line of communication and builds a relationship. A good customer relationship= loyalty and trust. 

Tips on Creating a Facebook and Twitter Presence: 

  • Keep your page active! Update your profile picture and cover photo to keep the page up-to-date and don't forget to post! 
    • Push content in a timely matter. Discover a happy balance of posting promotions, news, photos/videos and inspirational posts. Remember, visuals are always a great way to grab consumers' attention.
  • Don't be afraid to invite your friends and customers to "like" or "follow" the page. Let them know that you have a Facebook/Twitter page and that it is up-to-date with in-store sales and content that they might be interested in. After they follow your account on Twitter, follow them back! 
    • "Over 90% [of consumers] say they follow businesses on Twitter to get discounts and promotions" (Marketing TechBlog)
  • Consistency is key! If more than one person posts on the page, you need to make sure that you are all portraying the same type of voice.
  • On your store's website, have a link that directs them to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. 
    (How to Create a Twitter Button and a Facebook Button.)
  • Use #hashtags! You can be simple or creative when creating them. However, don't overload your posts with more than a couple of hashtags such as #(your store's name) #(the brand) #(promotion or coupon) etc.
  • Promoboxx gives you the option to add funds to Facebook posts within a campaign. If you find a post that suits your location or a product that you think your customers will love, why not show it to more people? By adding funds, you will then be able to reach more customers beyond your page fans and generate new leads/views/likes. Want more info on how to increase your social reach with Promoboxx? Check out this helpful guide.
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