How do Local Ads work?

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Local Ads allow you to extend the reach of your business beyond your existing customers and access a targeted demographic audience by strategically adding funds to a specific post within a brand campaign. Local Ad channels vary between campaigns, with options including Facebook, Instagram, and Mobile Advertising.

Promoboxx creates your Local Ads based on existing elements within the campaign and optimizes the performance of your Local Ads on key channels to provide maximum impact for your business. Through wider promotion of your business, Local Ads amplify your message beyond your current customers, directing new consumers to your business. Follow the steps below to successfully run an ad.

To launch a local ad:

  1. Log in to your account to view your Dashboard and all your available campaigns
  2. Click on the brand campaign that you would like to promote and click View Details
  3. Confirm that your business information is updated. Promoboxx uses these details to optimize accurate demographic targeting for the Local Ads that you run
  4. Continue to click through the campaign. Once you successfully share or schedule a Facebook post, you will be offered the opportunity to add Local Ads Funds to your promotion. Click View Options to Promote in your Facebook share confirmation window or navigate to the Local Ads tab

  5. In the Local Ads tab, you can preview your ad, customize with additional target locations, and add funds to reach new potential customers and then click Continue To Checkout. 

  6. After selecting Continue To Checkout, enter your card information and then click Pay Securely and Run Ads. Promoboxx precisely optimizes all Local Ads to deliver the most impactful results. In order to provide you with this technology and service, we charge a 10% ads management fee, which you can read more about by hovering your mouse over the "100% Transparent Pricing" logo. 
    Note: Once you click Pay Securely And Run Ads, your credit card will be charged and the ad will be launched. We cannot provide refunds.

Once your payment is processed, you will also receive a receipt via email once the payment has been confirmed. 

Need a demo?  Schedule a time here: or reach out via or (800) 380-7502 ext. 1.

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