Instagram Best Practices

Instagram is a fast-growing social network that small businesses should take part of. With engagement 15 times higher than Facebook, this is a great tool to connect with current and potential customers. Here are some tips and best practices to increase your business's presence on Instagram, grow and retain followers and ultimately persuade customers to engage with your business.  

1. Connect Instagram to Other Social Accounts                                                                                      

To make the most of your posts, and have the highest visibility and engagement with followers share Instagram posts on your Twitter and Facebook accounts too. By doing this, your Instagram profile is accessible to and reaching even more people.

2.  Consistency with Hashtags
When posting any new images or videos to Instagram, always use a hashtag that is relevant to your business. By using proper hashtagging, your image or video gets categorized immediately and gives users an organic way to discover content that is of interest to them. This will help bring in more potential customers to your account

3. Engage with Instagram Users
If a user follows you on Instagram make sure to follow back. This is how you can build relationships on this social network. If a user comments on one of your pictures always respond back too! You want to build relationships with current and potential customers and this is a great way to build rapport.  

4. Consistency is key, but mixing it up with videos makes for a unique and fun account!
Make sure you are posting regularly so that your account is active. However, you do not always have to be sharing images. There is video capability on Instagram which should also be used - however you want to keep videos short, sweet and to the point! You can also embed these videos to a website or blog.

5. Get Creative!
While it is always important to share images from the brands you sell, you can also get creative with your posts too! Engage customers by having a photo sharing contest or share some behind the scenes pics of your store and employees. 

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