Checking Admin Status/Adding Admins to a Business Page on Facebook

PLEASE NOTE: The following steps are displayed in Facebook's newly updated dashboard. Please make sure your Facebook has been updated before continuing.

To add your Facebook business page to Promoboxx, you must first connect the personal account of the admin of your business page. This article will explain how to determine who is the admin of a business page and how to change page roles if need be.

The admin of a business page, once logged into their personal Facebook account, can toggle between their personal profile and the business page for sharing content.

To confirm that you are the admin of the business page or to check your business page role, follow the steps below.

1. Log-in to your Facebook account. In the upper right-hand corner, click on the page you manage from the list. 

2. Once you are on the business page, scroll down on the left-hand menu and select Settings:

3.  On the left-hand side of the Settings page, click on the Page Roles tab:

4. This is where you can see who is associated with your business page and what their role is. You want to make sure that under your name it says Admin and NOT Editor. If it says editor, you will need to have the admin change your role to admin. 

If you do not have the capability to toggle between a personal and a business page from step 1, you may have a different role on the business page. Click here for a list of the various roles on Facebook and what each has the capability to do.

If you would like to add a new admin to your business page, please follow the steps below:

  1. Determine who the admin of the business page is and have them log into their personal Facebook account.
  2. Navigate to the business page as shown in the steps above.
  3. Click Settings.

  4. Select Page Roles from the list at the right of the screen.

     5. Enter the email of the new admin (this should be the same email that they use to log-in to their personal Facebook account). Select the down-facing arrow next to Editor. You want to switch this to Admin.

      6. Click Add.

      7. You will be asked to re-enter your Facebook password before changes are saved.

      8. The newly added admin should log-in to their personal Facebook account to accept their admin invitation (prompted by a Facebook notification).

Note: As mentioned above, Promoboxx requires users to connect the personal account of the admin to the business page. However, we never post on personal accounts. For more information on page roles on Facebook, click here

If you have any more questions about connecting social accounts to Promoboxx, click here or contact us at 1(800) 380-7502 Ext. 1. 

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