How to Create a Facebook Business Page

A business page on Facebook is a great way to connect and engage with new and existing customers. Show customers what your business is all about by sharing your store's basic information, updates and promotional messages.

If you do not have a business page, follow the quick and easy steps below to create one for your business today! Alternately, if your business is currently set-up as a personal account and has "friends" instead of "likes," Facebook has made the process of transitioning to a business page fairly easy and straightforward. To convert your personal account into a business page, follow the  instructions  here .

To create a brand new business page, you must first have a personal Facebook account. If you do not, please go to and create an account.

  1. Once you have a personal Facebook account and have logged in, click on the down-facing arrow at the top right of the screen and select Create Page.

2. Next, you will be directed to select a business category for your page. You will want to select Local Business or Place

3. Then you will be prompted to choose an industry-specific category. You will want to choose one that best fits your business and the products you sell.

After selecting a category, you must enter your business name, location and phone number. Also, agree to Facebook Pages Terms and click Get Started.

4. Before a page is created, you will be directed to enter more information about your business. This is imperative to optimizing your page so that you are connecting with potential customers. You can edit this information after the page is created. 

Facebook will prompt you to add a description and a web address. 

Then, you will be guided to add a profile picture for your page. You can either upload this image from your computer or website. We suggest you use a company logo. 

The next option is to Add to Favorites. This allows you to easily access your business page whenever you log-in to Facebook. 

Last, you must select your preferred page audience. These are the people you would ideally want to be viewing your business page. This will help you to connect with an audience that best matches your customer base.

Once you have followed all the steps, click Save and a Facebook page has been created. 

To access your business page, log-in to your personal Facebook account that you used to create the page. Although both your personal account and business page have the same log-in email and password, the two are separate entities. If you choose to post on your personal Facebook account, it will not post to the business page and vice versa.

For more information on Facebook for businesses, click here.

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