Why won't my email list upload?

An email list will not upload properly if…

  • You have not saved it in .csv format (Comma Separated Values file). This is an option to choose from when you click “Save As” for a spreadsheet. Make sure it is NOT a "Windows Comma Separated .csv" or a "MS-DOC Comma Separated .csv" file.

  • You do not have a single column labeled email that contains all of your email addresses to be uploaded. (You can have additional columns that accompany it, but one column must specifically be labeled Email.)

  • Email addresses in the Email column are not displayed in a traditional email address format (email@example.com).
  • Your list is very large. In these cases, Promoboxx may be uploading your list properly but just taking a few minutes to complete the task.

If you still experience issues with uploading your email list, please contact support@promoboxx.com for assistance.

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