How To Enable Paid Permissions for Facebook

To be able to run Facebook Ads through Promoboxx, you need to grant Promoboxx access to every Facebook permission we ask for. If you've connected your Facebook page to Promoboxx, and see a red X in your Permissions Manager next to "Can run Premium Ads on Facebook and Instagram", this means you are missing the necessary permissions to run ads. Your permissions manager will likely look something like this...

...Click "Fix It", and in the following popup, continue as your user

(note: If you receive an error after clicking "Fix It", please click the three dots next to "Profiles", and click "Remove This Account")

Click  "Choose what you allow" and turn on every toggle and check every box (very important) before clicking "Continue", and finish connecting your Facebook page.


If you see green checkmarks next to "Can post directly to your Facebook page" and "Can run Ads on Facebook"...

Click "Done"... and you're ready to run Paid Ads! 

Feel free to turn on Premium Ad Automation if you want to automatically enroll in future brand-sponsored ads:


This next section is only for those who follow the instructions above and still see a red x next to "Can run Ads on Facebook"

If the "Fix It" method does not fix your permissions, or your permissions manager doesn't show you the "Fix It" button to begin with, please go to and login to the Facebook user you use for Promoboxx. Once logged in, click the little arrow in the top-right corner, then click "Settings & Privacy", then "Settings":

Scroll down on the lefthand menu and click on "Business Integrations", check the box next to "Promoboxx", and click "Remove":

On the following popup, make sure you keep the boxes unchecked so existing Promoboxx posts will remain on your timeline, then click "Remove":

Return to the Business Integrations -> Social Accounts tab in your Promoboxx account, and reconnect your Facebook page. When you see the following popup , click "Choose what you allow" and turn on every toggle and check every box (very important) before clicking "Continue". 

If you make sure every permission toggle and checkbox is on, and you still see the red x next to "Can run Ads on Facebook", that means your Facebook page is managed by a Facebook Business Manager account, and our Customer Support team needs to manually request access to manage your account. Please email us at and tell us you need the "Facebook Business Manager" permission. We'll work with you to get you access to this final permission!

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