Connecting your Facebook Page and Instagram to Promoboxx

Promoboxx makes managing your social channels easy. To use Promoboxx to its full capacity, we suggest connecting your business' Facebook and Instagram.

Watch our video tutorial at the bottom of the page or review our written instructions below!

(NOTE: Your Facebook user must be an admin of your Facebook page prior to following this guide. To learn how to make yourself an admin, or check your admin status, Click Here)

1. To connect your Facebook page to Promoboxx, log in to your Promoboxx Dashboard and select the Business Info tab on the left. Next, open up the Social Accounts tab and launch the "Permissions Manager".

2. Connect your Facebook Account. If you're curious about the permissions you are providing to Promoboxx, select the learn more button on the bottom left.  

3. Log in to your personal Facebook Account. If you are logged in via a separate window, we will automatically pull in your login credentials.

4. Next you will review the permissions you are granting. You can edit these permissions by selecting "choose what you allow". WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU GRANT PROMOBOXX ACCESS TO ALL PERMISSIONS TO PREVENT FUTURE CONNECTION ISSUES. All permissions are enabled by default.

5. Now, select the Facebook page you would like to connect to Promoboxx and click "add page".

(NOTE: If you know you are an admin, but you don't see your Facebook page listed, Click Here)

6. Once connected, you will see the permissions you've allowed to Promoboxx. If you are missing permissions, they will be highlighted with a red "X". If you need to connect your Instagram account to your Facebook page, check out our tutorial here

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