Connecting your Instagram to your Facebook for Direct Posting

Connecting your Instagram to your Facebook for Direct Posting is all done through Facebook, not on Promoboxx. 
Watch our video tutorial at the bottom of the page or review our written instructions below! 
Please note that you can only connect a Business Instagram account to your business Facebook account. For more information on how to convert a Personal Instagram account to a Business account,  check out our article
1. Open your business’s Facebook page and go to settings on the left side menu.

2. Scroll down to the option for Instagram settings.

3. Connect your Instagram account to your Facebook account. Follow the prompts from Facebook and be sure to accept all the permissions  requested. 
Once your Facebook and Instagram pages have been connected, you can proceed with updating your Promoboxx permissions to allow for direct posting to Instagram from Promoboxx. 
1. Return to the Promoboxx app and go to "Business Info" in the top right-hand corner menu dropdown.

2. Go to Social Accounts Tab and click on "Open Permissions Manager

3. It may still alert you to missing permissions for Instagram posting. Click the button labeled “Refresh” to refresh the page until all your permissions have a green check mark next to them, as shown below. 

4. Start sharing directly to Instagram!  Check out our tutorial on how to share here.

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