What is Auto-Share?

 Auto-Share (also known as automation) is designed to be a time-saver for busy retailers. 

When auto-share is enabled, new content will post to your business’ Facebook and/or Instagram page on a regular basis without you having to log in, go through content and manually share! 

  • Auto-share is available for both Facebook and Instagram posts (you can select one or both to auto-share Brand content for).
  • You will receive an automation summary email each week letting you know the posts that have been shared and/or the posts that have been scheduled to go out. 
  • Any current campaign automation schedules will be applied to your account and you can view them in your Schedule tab. 
  • Promoboxx will not spam your social profiles with too many posts per week.

**Please Note: If a new brand is added to your Promoboxx account, automation will not be automatically enabled. Please follow the steps to turn on auto-share if you would like this Brand's content automated. Also note, not all Brands will offer Automation for content.

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