What is Auto-Share?

Automation, also known as Auto-Share, is designed to be a time-saver for busy retailers. By enabling automation settings, the platform will perform actions without you having to log in and post manually. Below are the various types of automation settings (please note that not all automation settings will be offered by every brand).

  • Facebook Automation will automatically post new campaign content to your business’ Facebook page on a regular basis.
    • You will receive an automation summary email each week letting you know the work that has been done on your behalf.
    • Once enabled, any current campaign automation schedules will be applied to your account. Promoboxx will never spam your social profiles with too many posts per week.

**Please Note: If a new brand is added to your Promoboxx account, automation will not be automatically enabled. Please follow the steps to turn on automation if you would like this brand's content automated. 

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